2012.05.03 Summer Intensive TOEIC Preparation Course

The new course schedule is out. Courses will start on August 13 on both campuses. Registration begins on May 14. Please see the attachment or contact the English Langauge Center for further information.




2012.03.25 English Comic Strip Design and Caption Competition

The English Language Center (ELC) is proud to be holding the first university-wide English Comic Strip Design and Caption Competition in the hope of enhancing students’ English ability by asking them to design a four-image comic strip and write imaginative captions and dialogue to accompany it.

Submission location and dates 4/16/2012 to 4/27/2012


2012.03.25 2012 Movie Dubbing Contest

The English Language Center (ELC) is proud to be holding its first university-wide Movie Dubbing Contest in the hopes of enhancing students’ speaking skills while engaging them in having fun imitating the pronunciation and intonation of the movie voice cast.


2012.03.20 Notice on writing the new answer cards for PE tests

1. Please fill in the box in the answering card as dark as possible (2B or HB pencil only); however, it cannot go outside of the box.

2. Please listen to the instructions in Chinese and do as the speaker says.


2012.03.09 Free remedial English classes for PE2 students start this week (March 12-15)

Want to strengthen your fundamental skills of pronunciation, listening and speaking and eventually pass Practical English II? Now the English Langauge Center has designed a 10-week remedial English course for you. Attend any of the classes and sign up there.  


Classes on Taipei Campus




2012.03.09 Reading enrichment program orientation schedule

Would you like to enjoy the wonderful experience of reading for pleasure? The English Language Center has selected about 600 graded readers for our students to choose from. Sign up at any of the orientation sessions or contact Effie Wang for more information at extension 2642.


Orientation on Taipei Campus:  3/16 (Fri.)     12:10-1:00 pm              D204


2012.03.09 MCU grammar study program

The 10-week grammar study class will start on March 12. All MCU students are welcome.



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