TOEIC Preperation Course

The TOEIC preparation course helps you to understand the test and gives you the strategies and skills required to succeed. Click the green bottom for more information.



English Four-Column Comic Contest

The English Language Center (ELC) is proud to be holding the third university-wide English Four-Column Comic Contest in hopes of enhancing students’ English ability by designing vivid four-column comics and interesting English dialogues.


Contact person:

Taipei campus: Mr. Johnson Kao  (02)2882-4564 Ext. 2643 

Taoyuan campus: Ms. Nancy Chang  (03)350-7001 Ext. 3177 

Recognizance Assigned work paper

English Movie Dubbing Contest

Do you know that imitating the pronunciation and intonation of movie voice cast is a good way to enhance your English speaking skills?

The most challenging, fun and rewarding competition is now waiting for you. Don't miss it!


5/6/2016 (Friday) 3:00-6:30 p.m. in B901 on Taipei campus

5/13/2016 (Friday) 3:00-6:30 p.m. in M104 on Taoyuan campus


Contact information:

  • Taipei campus: (02)2882-4564 Ext. 2331  Ms. Alison Duh
  • Taoyuan campus: (03)350-7001 Ext. 3178  Ms. Tina Wu